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Jiangyin Sanjiang Special Belt Making Co. Ltd.


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  • Contact:Mr.Wenxue Hua
  • Phone:86-510-86186678
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Location: Our company is located in the Yangtze Delta, close to Shanghai, Wuxi and Nanjing. Jiangyin Bridge and Xinchang Railway pass by our company. The geographical location is excellent, and we have a great convenience of water and land transportation. Reputation: Our company has a history of more than 7 years and has always been the top manufacture company in the industry of the city. Our company has set up a strict quality control system. Our products have won quality certificate of the province and city respectively. Products: The main products of our company are transmission belts, tangential belts, light-duty conveyor belts, high-strength conveyor belts, leather products, PVC belts, and roller covering. The above products can meet all users' requirement. Production will be organized and products are delivered according to the specified length, quantity or special technical requirement. Commitment: Our company's commitment is "there is no in case of contingency, only one hund... [Details]

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transmission belt


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